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Dracula Has Risen from the Grave

Dracula Has Risen from the Grave

Year: 1968

Genres: Romance,Horror

Countries: UK

Votes: 1706

Rating: 6.3

Cast: Andrews Barry; Bacon Norman; Collins John D.; Cooper George A.; Cunningham Christopher; Davies Rupert; Hooper Ewan; Lee Christopher; Ripper Michael; Baker Carrie; Carlson Veronica; Ewing Barbara; Mathie Marion; Young Aida; Hinds Anthony; Grant Arthur; Bernard James; Francis Freddie; Reeve Spencer; Francis Kevin; Martin Doris; Robinson Bernard

Taglines: You just can’t keep a good man down!
He lives! They die! Christopher Lee as the fanged undead.
Inflamed with his Vampire thirst for blood and evil and beautiful girls. [Australia]

Storyline: When his castle is exorcised, Dracula plots his revenge against the Monsignor who performed the rites by attempting to make the holy man’s young neice his bride.

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