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Screwball Hotel

Screwball Hotel

Year: 1988

Genres: Comedy

Countries: UK,USA

Votes: 104

Rating: 3.0

Cast: Ballinger Charles; Bellnier Peter; Bendetti Michael; Cole Johnny; Cory Greg; Dillard Jack; Garcia Albert; Greenman Jeff; Howayeck Robert; James-Morgan Dennis; King Phil; Lam Jack; McKinney Victor; Monteith Kelly; Norris Richard; Prince Phil; Sobeck Tom; Thomas Patrick; Zeller Andrew; Amore Gianna; Anderson Leigh; Bayne Tina; Bell Theresa; Bibicoff Allison; Blake Sherry; Bradford-Aiton Lisa; Bruce Andi; Callahan Nanette; Guillйn Laurah; Hamilton Patricia; Hanna Laurie; Harris Gail; Head Katerina; Hemness Monica; Jackson Pamela; Lewis Laura; Lipnick Barbara; London Traci; Malonee Gabriella; Mazzola Jackie; Pallett Lori Deann; Penny Lisa; Pursley Rhonda; Ray Gail; Rochelle Shawn; Rossi Diana; Scott Laurie; Shugart Renee; Smith Adriana; Smith Leslie; Toomey Elizabeth; Turgeon Diane; Turo Violet I.; Wahl Corinne; Brewer Jon; Davis Debi; Garofalo Joseph; Patterson Robert; Smith Maurice; Smith Terrea; Holeris Nick; Kaufman Sam; Kueber Phil; Roderick B.K.; Wiener Charlie; Denove Thomas F.; Jay Michael; Wang Nathan; Zielinski Rafal; Chiate Debra; Tornatore Joe; Ellis Antonia; Teboe Jon; Shohan Naomi

Taglines: Please do not disturb the guests… They already are!

Storyline: Three boys drop out of military school. The gets jobs working at a hotel, but it’s about to go under. They decide to help the owner raise enough money to stay in business. They prove that sex sells by holding “Miss Purity Pageant” starring some of the females staying at the hotel.

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