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The Gods Must Be Crazy 1980

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Year: 1980

Directors: Jamie Uys

Genres: Action,Comedy

Countries: South Africa,Botswana

Votes: 15

Rating: 7.00

Cast: Andrew Steyn: Marius Weyers; Kate Thompson: Sandra Prinsloo; Xi: N!xau; Sam Boga: Louw Verwey; Mpudi: Michael Thys; Jack Hind: Nic De Jager; Card 1: Fanyana H. Sidumo; Card 2: Joe Seakatsie; Mr. Thompson: Brian O’Shaughnessy; Mrs. Thompson: Vera Blacker; President: Ken Gampu; Narrator (voice): Paddy O’Byrne; The Reverend: Jamie Uys

Taglines: The critics are raving… the natives are restless… and the laughter is non-stop!
At last, a comedy everyone can laugh with!
– A sly comedy from Africa –
It's PRIMITIVE! . . . It's POIGNANT! . . . It's PERTURBING! but it will make you laugh, cheer and shout!

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The Gods Must Be Crazy II

The Gods Must Be Crazy II

Year: 1989

Genres: Comedy

Countries: South Africa,Botswana,USA

Votes: 4697

Rating: 6.3

Cast: Bowen Erick; Dibb Andrew; Eiros; Loring Richard; Marshall Ken; Mpepela Shimane; N!xau; O’Byrne Paddy; Sabela Simon; Strydom Hans; Swanepoel Lourens; Tshabalala Treasure; Tunstall Peter; Van Pletzen Pierre; Farugia Lena; Fox Lesley; Nadies; Troskie Boet; Uys Jamie; Reynolds Buster; Fox Charles; Engelbrecht RenŠ¹e; Hall Ivan; Russow Collette; Friederichsen Sheryl; Kubheka Ben; Reynolds Les; Smith Elbe; Stockley Jim; Tulukeni John; Vanden Broeck Gerda; Wessels Cornelius

Taglines: This time, everybody’s going crazier.
A comedy of even more absurd proportions

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