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007 Thunderball 1965

007 Thunderball

Year: 1965


Genres: Action,Adventure,Thriller

Countries: UK

Votes: 18648

Rating: 7.00

Cast: James Bond: Sean Connery; Pinder: Earl Cameron; Count Lippe: Guy Doleman; Q: Desmond Llewelyn; Kenniston: Reginald Beckwith; Emilio Largo, SPECTRE #2: Adolfo Celi; Felix Leiter: Rik Van Nutter; M: Bernard Lee; Foreign Secretary: Roland Culver; Major Francois Derval/Angelo Palazzi: Paul Stassino; Vargas: Philip Locke; Wladislav Kutze: George Pravda; Janni: Michael Brennan; Group Captain Pritchard: Leonard Sachs; Air Vice Marshal Sir John: Edward Underdown

Taglines: Look Up! Look Down! Look Out! Here Comes The Biggest Bond Of All! [“Look” is formed from the 007 logo]

Storyline: When two colleagues of James Bond are murdered, James follows the widow of a double agent who has been killed – and a confrontation ensues. The double agent is part of SPECTRE, and the organization’s meeting in a secret lair in Paris regrets the agent’s passing as it deals with new criminal business. Emilio Largo, a ruthless and flamboyant one-eyed enforcer, has hatched a scheme against the North Atlantic Treaty powers that begins at a rehabilitation clinic near an RAF airbase. Scheduled to pilot an RAF Vulcan strategic bomber on a normal “fail-safe” flight is Francois Derval, who is having a passionate affair with the magnificently endowed beauty Fiona Volpe – an affair that SPECTRE exploits. Soon, the Vulcan and its warload of two nuclear bombs has been hijacked, the bombs seized by Largo, for use in SPECTRE’s most audacious extortion scheme yet. James Bond, however, finds a key clue in the sister of Francois Derval, Dominique “Domino” Derval, a beautiful young woman who is a passionate scuba-diver living in Nassau. When James investigates Domino, he comes into contact with a SPECTRE operation on the island, and he gets help from HMSS’ man in Nassau, Pinder, and in old CIA chum Felix Leiter. But when James and Felix find out what SPECTRE is up to, it may be to late to save a major US coastal city from nuclear annihilation.

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