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A Family Affair

A Family Affair

Year: 2001

Genres: Comedy,Romance

Countries: USA

Votes: 185

Rating: 5.0

Cast: Abbate Joe; Caputo Paul; DeWhitt Mark; Hepner Joel; Hilliard Mike; Loper Don; Mamola Rich; McGee Michael; Moerman Michael; Radford David; Silbaugh Jack; Silvano Greg; Wright Keith E.; Golonka Arlene; Greene Michele; Hughes Tracy; Lawler Ellen; Lesnick Helen; Miller Suzi; Neill Kelly; Shaffer Erica; Stuart Barbara; Wakefield Sue; Westenhoefer Suzanne; Lesnick Dolores E.; Pichney Valerie; Vallone Chris; Orr Jim; De La Isla Danny; Westlind Robert; Blackard Lorrie

Taglines: The Course of True Love doesn’t always run Straight…

Storyline: Rachel flees NYC after another traumatic breakup and arrives at her parents’ home in San Diego. They are adamant to see their wayward daughter settle down with a nice girl. Rachel goes on several blind dates that misfire badly. She finally lets her mother set her up with Christine, a typical Californian girl. Much to Rachel’s chagrin, mom is right! Meanwhile, Rachel’s friends wait for her to screw up the relationship. They know, even if she won’t admit it, that she still carries a torch for her ex-girlfriend and they’re not sure what would happen if she reappeared to reclaim Rachel.

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