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A Simple Plan

A Simple Plan

Year: 1998

Genres: Crime,Drama,Thriller

Countries: France,UK,Germany,USA,Japan

Votes: 29029

Rating: 7.6

Cast: Abrams Solomon; Beard Frank; Boedy Thomas; Briscoe Brent; Carey Tom; Cegon Eric; Cole Gary; Curtis Grant; Dahl Dwayne; Davis Bob; Evenson Wayne A.; Gallus Christopher; Gerhart Randall; Gilmer Steven; Gjernes Jay; Halverson Robert Martin; Hempleman Terry; Jaunich John; Magers Paul; Paxton Bill; Paxton John; Ross Chelcie; Storms Timothy; Syvertsen Peter; Thornton Billy Bob; Walsh Jack; Watton Roger; Baker Becky Ann; Fonda Bridget; Kaczorowski Nina; Koenecke Kathy; Mathay Marie; Pertschi Catherine; Sauers Rhiannon R.; Sayre Jill; Steffand Joan; Woolever Mary; Gordon Mark; Jacks James; Levinsohn Gary; Polaire Michael; Schroeder Adam; Smith Scott B.; Kivilo Alar; Elfman Danny; Weiss Julie; Raimi Sam; Beason Eric L.; Coburn Arthur; Adler Matt; Allen Shad; Asplund Paul; Barkan Dawn; Barnes Michael; Beecher Judi; Broussard Cheryl; Chatterjee Eric; Clementson Kyle; Compton Dennis; Culbert Michael; David Jenni; Deak Michael; Drackert Tim; Durand Judi M.; Dustin Dave; Elliott Melissa; Erickson Signe; Finley Greg; Flood Peggy; Francis Sean Hartley; Hackett Joe; Hansen Michael; Hanson Tony; Har Mark; Harris Barbara; Harris Cheryl; Harwell Michelle; Healy Anne; Hegstrom Susan; Heller Bruce; Hill Greg; Jereza Boysie; Johnson Amity; Kuusisto Linda; Landers Michael; Louis Kurtzman Robert; McKinnon Jake; McNamee Sean; Medcraft Bob; Moyer Jennifer; Murillo Lucia; Neill Bob; Orlando Margaret J.; Oswald Jeremy; Parker Missy; Parr David; Preston Susana; Randolph David; Roman Lucas; Rosson Peggy; Ruben Albert G.; Sheeley Kate; Spado Barbara; Sparrow Michaelle; Sperling Janice F.; Swafford Michael; Tacchino Gloria; Theis Michelle; Tormoen Sonya ‘Sonny’; Tyler Jeffrey; Warren James P.; Younglove Lynn; von Brandenstein Patrizia

Taglines: Sometimes good people do evil things.
Four million dollars and plenty of change.
They’ve worked hard all their lives, but they still can’t afford the American Dream. Stealing it is even better.

Storyline: Three diverse characters, for the most part intellectually challenged, find a deserted plane with a bag full of millions of dollars inside. They devise a simple plan to keep the money if no-one claims it. Ofcourse, nothing turns out simple…
Two brothers, one a mild-mannered hardware store manager, the other an unemployed slob and a friend stumble onto $4.4 million cash in stolen money. The new-found booty leads Hank, the store manager (with help from his cunning wife), to great lengths to keep the money a secret from local authorities. The three men begin to doubt each other’s trust, which leads to shocking results of lies and deceit.
When Hank, Jacob and Lou find $4.4 million inside a crashed plane in a nature preserve, they quickly come up with the plan to keep the money safe until the plane has been found by others and the dust has settled. But Jacob, Hank’s brother, and Lou, a friend, do not behave the way they decided to. Lou, constantly in financial debt, wants his share soon and Jacob wishes to renovate their parents’ farm. The trusty atmosphere between the unequal partners dissolves slowly, and intrigues are spun. Also, accidents start happening and when an FBI agent comes into town, looking for a crashed plane, Hank and his partners get into very deep water…

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