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A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born

Year: 1976

Genres: Drama,Musical,Romance

Countries: USA

Votes: 2485

Rating: 6.1

Cast: Aquarian Aesop; Bruton Stephen; Busey Gary; Carpenter Brent; Clark Oliver; Creason Sammy Lee; Dupin Cleve; Englund Robert; Fritts Donnie; Graham Bill; Hagen Dean; Helberg Sandy; Jones Booker T.; Kelly M.G.; Kristofferson Kris; Mazursky Paul; McGee Jerry; Montrose; Munson Art; Norman Neil; Orlando Tony; Owens Charles; Paul Terry; Redmond Jack; Rudy Uncle; Shew Bobby; Utley Michael; Coolidge Rita; Fields Venetta; Heflin Marta; Kind Roslyn; King Clydie; Kirkland Sally; Linville Joanne; Norman Maidie; Streisand Barbra; Peters Jon; Axelrod Jonathan; Carson Robert; Didion Joan; Dunne John Gregory; Pierson Frank; Presson Allen Jay; Sargent Alvin; Wellman William A.; Surtees Robert; Kellaway Roger; Banks Seth; Strahm Shirlee; Zinner Peter; Conrad Scott; Crosby Betty; Fitzgerald Wayne; Levy Gene; Marshall Joan; Santarone Dominic; Santarone Ruth; Werner Jeff; Winters David; Ziskin Laura; Platt Polly


Storyline: Talented rock star John Norman Howard has seen his career begin to decline. Too many years of concerts and managers and life on the road have made him cynical and the monotony has taken its toll. Then he meets the innocent, pure and very talented singer Esther Hoffman. As one of his songs in the movie says “I’m gonna take you girl, I’m gonna show you how.” And he does. He shows Esther the way to stardom while forsaking his own career. As they fall in love, her success only makes his decline even more apparent.

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