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A Winter Tale

A Winter Tale

Year: 2007

Genres: Drama

Countries: Canada

Votes: 60

Rating: 8.5

Cast: Bailey Peter; Bailey Peter N; Barrington P.; Collins Sabio Emerencia; Del Rio Bobby; Ejim Onyekachi; Glasgow R.O.; Hall Dennis; Ishmael Ryan; Khan Ahmad Zahir; Miller Michael; Williams Peter; Yohannes Mike G.; Buhagiar Valerie; Casellas Finlandia; Forbes Leonie; Oelkers Trinity; S’Aida Shakura; Stamp Nicole; Dahl Lars; Frank Anne; Fueg Susan; Lonsdale Smith Michelle; Macaulay Regan; Solomon Frances-Anne; Bailey Cameron; Barrington Patrick; Crooks Julie; Edwards Shernold; Moodie Andrew; Derko Kim; Hall Mauri; Welsman John; Francis Michele; Beadle Jeff; Guha Indira; Guzman Naya; Intini Chandra; Reid Katharine Jane; Webber Danny; Pinheiro Christopher

Taglines: The bullet that shattered a community.

Storyline: A Winter Tale tells the emotional story of a Black men’s support group that begins to meet at the local Caribbean Takeaway restaurant following the shooting death of a young child. It features a talented ensemble cast led by Canadian stars Peter Williams and Michael Miller and Caribbean icons Leonie Forbes and Dennis “Spranglang” Hall. The script was developed through a collaborative improvisational process with the cast, and shot on location in Toronto’s Parkdale community.

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