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Adventures of a Taxi Driver

Adventures of a Taxi Driver

Year: 1976

Genres: Comedy,Crime

Countries: UK

Votes: 164

Rating: 3.8

Cast: Armstrong Michael; Ashley Graham; Auker David; Brierly David; Carter Dave; Evans Barry; Haig Jack; Harrison Marc; Lavender Ian; Lewis Stephen; Lindsay Robert; McGee Henry; McNamara Desmond; Pemberton Charles; Riddle Stephen; Secombe Andrew; Vernon Richard; Walker Pete; Wilde Brian; Worsley Michael; Bergman Anna; Crawford Lee; Dix Rachel; Dors Diana; Drage Prudence; Fraser Liz; Geeson Judy; Hayden Jane; Maley Gloria; Posta Adrienne; Scoular Angela; Shaw Beatrice; Staiteh-Masri Natasha; Vanner Sue; Long Peter; Long Stanley A.; Mercer Suzanne; Sinclair Peter; Gannon Joe; Oscroft Jane

Taglines: He gets more than his fare share!


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