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Alfie 2004


Year: 2004

Directors: Charles Shyer

Genres: Comedy,Drama

Countries: UK,USA

Votes: 12018

Rating: 6.10

Cast: Alfie: Jude Law; Lonette: Nia Long; Julie: Marisa Tomei; Dorie: Jane Krakowski; Marlon: Omar Epps; Wing: Gedde Watanabe; Bitter Girl: Claudette Mink; Lu Schnitman: Renйe Taylor; Phil: Jeff Harding; Terry: Kevin Rahm; Max: Max Morris; Mrs. Wing: Jo Yang; Carol: Tara Summers; Felix: Sam Vincenti; Uta: Katherine LaNasa

Taglines: A player until he got played
What’s it all about?
Meet a man who never met a woman he didn’t love.

Storyline: Alfie is a remake of the 1966 film. In the contemporary film, Alfie is quite the ladies man and rarely gets rejected when it comes to the opposite sex. He successfully has relations with multiple women without a hint of emotional attachment. A major (lifelong) problem arises when he sleeps with the wrong woman, namely his best friend’s (and future business partner) ex-girlfriend. As a result, his life slowly comes into focus and he begins to appreciate the little things he always missed in the opposite sex. A must see for all guys who call themselves “players”.

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