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American History X 1998

American History X

Year: 1998

Directors: Tony Kaye

Genres: Crime,Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 72446

Rating: 8.40

Cast: Murray: Elliott Gould; Dr. Bob Sweeney: Avery Brooks; Stacey: Fairuza Balk; Doris Vinyard: Beverly D’Angelo; Derek Vinyard: Edward Norton; Danny Vinyard: Edward Furlong; Seth Ryan: Ethan Suplee; Rasmussen: Joseph Cortese; Lamont: Guy Torry; Lawrence: Antonio David Lyons; Davina Vinyard: Jennifer Lien; Cameron Alexander: Stacy Keach; Dennis Vinyard: William Russ; Little Henry: Jason Bose Smith; Mitch McCormick: Alex Sol

Taglines: Some Legacies Must End.
Violence as a way of life.
United by hate, divided by truth
See reality in your eyes when hate makes you blind

Storyline: A Neo Nazi skinhead, named Derek Vineyard (Edward Norton) goes to jail for 3 years after committing a murder of 2 black guys. In the meanwhile, his younger brother, Danny Vineyard (Edward Furlong) goes in the same way and makes the same mistakes (racism and hatred) his eldest brother did (this is the result of the Neo Nazi environment he grows up into, and the influence Derek left behind). While Derek is in jail he realize that he choose the wrong path. after coming back from jail, Derek try to convince his brother not to go in his own way.

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