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Anaconda 1997


Year: 1997

Directors: Luis Llosa

Genres: Action,Adventure,Horror,Thriller

Countries: Brazil,USA,Peru

Votes: 18529

Rating: 4.10

Cast: Poacher: Danny Trejo; Terri Flores: Jennifer Lopez; Paul Sarone: Jon Voight; Warren Westridge: Jonathan Hyde; Danny Rich: Ice Cube; Denise Kalberg: Kari Wuhrer; Dr. Steven Cale: Eric Stoltz; Voice of Anaconda: Frank Welker; Mateo: Vincent Castellanos; Gary Dixon: Owen Wilson

Taglines: You can’t scream if you can’t breathe.
It will take your breath away
When You Can’t Breathe You Can’t Scream
It’s a SCREAM!

Storyline: A “National Geographic” crew heads down the Amazon in a jungle boat to make a documentary on a long-lost tribe of natives. En route, they rescue a hunter from his sinking boat and take him on board. After the ship’s captain is attacked by a poisonous insect and goes comatose, the hunter commandeers the boat, takes the crew hostage, and drags them along on his insane quest to capture a giant anaconda.

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