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Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley

Year: 1935

Genres: Biography,Drama,Western

Countries: USA

Votes: 506

Rating: 6.8

Cast: Adams Ernie; Alexander Richard; Armenta Philip; Austin Frank; Benedict Brooks; Best Willie; Blystone Stanley; Borden Eddie; Bowen Harry; Bupp Sonny; Clyde Andy; Cody Iron Eyes; Dime James; Douglas Melvyn; Dunn Eddie; Elliott Dick; Foster Preston; Geary Bud; Haines Donald; Hall Charlie; Harris Sam; Hoffman Otto; Hurst Brandon; James Gladden; Jenks Si; Kerr Donald; Lollier George; Long Walter; Lorch Theodore; Marba Joe Smith; Mason Jim; McCullough Philo; McKenzie Robert; McKim Sammy; Meehan Lew; Mills Frank; Olsen Moroni; Rice Jack; Stanton Will; Thunderbird Chief; Tucker Jerry; Warren E. Alyn; Washington Blue; Watson Delmar; Armstrong Margaret; Craig Adeline; Kelton Pert; Stanwyck Barbara; Reid Cliff; Adamson Ewart; Fields Joseph; Sayre Joel; Twist John; Hunt J. Roy; Wenstrom Harold; Colombo Alberto; Stevens George; Hively Jack; McGaffey Elizabeth; Sisk Robert

Taglines: The sharpshooting star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show lives again to thrill you in a drama of fighting men and red romance!
Meet Col. Cody, Sitting Bull, and all the two-gun heroes of the plains, in the big show that astonished two continents … a livid background for the flaming love of Annie Oakley!

Storyline: In a sharpshooting match, the manager of a Cincinnati hotel bets on the fellow who’s been supplying the hotel with quail…who turns out to be young Annie Oakley. Result: Annie is hired for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show (which is faithfully re-enacted in the film). She’s tutored in showmanship by champ Toby Walker. But when Annie wins top billing, professional rivalry conflicts with their growing personal attachment, leading to misunderstanding and separation.

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