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Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfolds

Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfolds

Year: 1995

Genres: Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi

Countries: USA

Votes: 522

Rating: 2.3

Cast: Abell Tim; Ackerman Forrest J; Baker Allan; Barkett Steve; Clay Tony; Franco Tony; Hagen Ross; Kirk Tommy; Lazar John; Linaweaver Brad; Livingston Stanley; Lorea Tony; Monte Ted; Murray Jeff; Newsom Ted; Richardson Jay; Spellos Peter; Stover George; Tamblyn Russ; Williams Jimmy; Wynorski Jim; Bauer Michelle; Dutch Deborah; Fritz Nikki; Hicks Sheri; New Jennifer; North J.J.; Parks Tammy; Polan Claire; Saalman Raelyn; Steven Jennifer; Corman Roger; Elliott Mike; Ray Fred Olen; Spencer Karen L.; Armogida Steve; Graver Gary; Walton Jeffrey; Miller W. Peter; Dessier Avelina; Graver Chris; Learmont Jennifer; Long Jesse; Ray Christopher; Robinson Mai Lei; Steffy Bonna; Veluzat Daniel; Yokota Takashi; Guterres Candi

Taglines: She’s so hot, you’ll need to call 911.

Storyline: Among the finalists for “Centerfold Of The Year” are Angel and her spiteful rival Betty. However, no one is aware of Angel’s involvement in a secret medical beauty enhancement program headed by Dr. Lindstrom. Desperate to win, Angel overdoses on Lindstrom’s formula, with disastrous results. Soon she has grown to monstrous but shapely proportions, causing all sorts of complications, the most dangerous being Betty’s jealousy of Angel’s new-found attention. Betty discovers Angel’s secret and takes the formula herself, causing her to grow into an equally gorgeous giant. As the girls battle it out on Hollywood Blvd., Dr. Lindstrom races to find an antidote.

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