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Au nom de tous les miens

Au nom de tous les miens

Year: 1983

Genres: Biography,Drama,War

Countries: France,Canada,Hungary

Votes: 198

Rating: 6.8

Cast: Bergman Boris; Bouise Jean; Dobбk Lajos; Forizs Sandor; Freyd Bernard; Fuchs Claus; Gombos Gaspar; Gonda Gyцrgy; Halmбgyi Sбndor; Horti Zoltan; Horvath Jenц; Karcag Ferenc; Konrбd Antal; Kбrpбti Tibor; Lescot Jean; Lopez Laurent; Matchoro Guy; Moisson Jean-Luc; Motu Michel; Mutatof A.M.; Mьller Wolfgang; Nйmeth Janos; O’Connor Dennis; Penot Jacques; Peto Bбlint; Priwieziencew Eugeniusz; Rubold Цdцn; Tyczka Igor; Van Den Haute Lionel; Varszegi Ferenc; Wolkowitch Bruno; York Michael; Belsey Laura; Brandt Lois; Clinton Mildred; Curtis Leane; Dean Laura; Fossey Brigitte; Frot Dominique; Gogl Aurelia; Hughes Helen; Humbert Florence; Janisch Йva; Jaubert Rosette; Martin Lucy; Masliah Laurence; Masters Andrea; McAllister Liza; Mйril Macha; Orr Corinne; Parker Paula; Penot Carole; Rubinstein Paulette; Tricottet Fabienne; David Pierre; Djaoui Andrй; Enrico Robert; Strauss Jacques-Eric; Gallo Max; Gray Martin; Sheer Tony; Catonnй Franзois; Jarre Maurice; Nйny Patricia; Fernandez Peter; Povйda Jean-Louis


Storyline: The true story of Martin Gray, a Polish survivor of the holocaust, from how he survived the German invasion, how got captured, and how he fought back with the rebels, to his life in the Soviet army, and the building of his new life in North America.

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