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Banana Joe 1982

Banana Joe

Year: 1982

Directors: Steno

Genres: Comedy

Countries: Italy,West Germany

Votes: 1211

Rating: 5.80

Cast: Torsillo: Gianfranco Barra; Banana Joe: Bud Spencer; Dorianne: Marina Langner; Manuel: Mario Scarpetta; Ingegner Moreno: Enzo Garinei; Sarto: Gunther Philipp; Sergente Martino: Giorgio Bracardi; Torsillo’s Truck Driver: Nello Pazzafini; Police Captain: Carlo Reali; Police Officer: Salvatore Basile; Torsillo’s Thug: Giovanni Cianfriglia; Torsillo’s Thug: Sergio Smacchi; Torcillo’s Thug: Marcello Verziera; Prison Guard: Nicola Di Gioia; Sergio: James Ordonez


Storyline: Banana Joe lives blissfully in a tropical village in Africa, untainted by the ills of modern society. But after a trip to the city, he is exposed to the criminal element, and zany banana trouble ensues!

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