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Basic Training

Basic Training

Year: 1985

Genres: Comedy

Countries: USA

Votes: 168

Rating: 3.5

Cast: Adler Gilbert; Barak Ari; Berns Gerald; Brill Marty; Cohen Marty; Dollaghan Patrick; Ellis Kenny; Forester William A.; Fullilove Donald; Gotell Walter; Greene Michael; Lowenthal Mark; Nye Will; Ochoa John; Pennock Christopher; Prendergast Gerard; Ross Gene; Saxon Fred; Scarber Sam; Warren Sammy; Withers Mark; Aames Angela; Bramlett Sherri; Dockery Erika; Dusenberry Ann; Frost Cynthia; Griffis Lynn; Hoy Linda; Hughes Ellen; Jones Ruth; Oh Orly; Peckinpaugh Barbara; Shear Rhonda; Desmarais Alison Rosenfeld; Klein Paul; Salamon Otto; Vanger Lawrence; Kahn Bernie; Gray Stephen W.; Cruz Michael; Neil Warden; Sugerman Andrew; Bock Larry; Adler Harold; DiMatteo Richard; Flaisher Carol; Grossman Larry; Jones William; Kern Stephen; Klein Adam; Lampe Sandie; Litwak Mark; Louden Laura; O’Keefe Terry; Preece Jon-Michael; Richer Tom; Rinehart Steve; Russell Jackie; Spring Josh; Stein Paula; Tirpak John; Turner Coby; van der Meer Gerrit; Vanger Gregory; Vucelich Chip; Wyant Carl

Taglines: The comedy that takes the lid off the Pentagon.

Storyline: Melinda comes to Washington DC to visit her friend Debbie, and to find a job in government, where she hopes to do her part to make it better. She gets a lower echelon administrative position at the Pentagon, and finds things pretty slack. Her boss seems to be more interested in getting into her pants than trying to find lost data on the Russians. Melinda resists his advances and begins working her way up in the Pentagon, finding subtle ways of getting her policies implemented by manipulating the slovenly males that populate the Pentagon, including finding a way to defuse the mounting conflict with the Russians.

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