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Batman Fights Dracula

Batman Fights Dracula

Also known as: Batman contra DrĂ¡cula

Year: 1967

Genres: Comedy

Countries: Philippines

Rating: 6.7

Cast: Jing Abalos; Dante Rivero; Vivian Lorrain; Rolan Robles; Ramon D’Salva; Nort Nepomuceno; Angel Confiado; Ruben Ramos; Greg Lansang; Tiva Lava; Lope Policarpio; Isaias Betsayda; Jeanette Gonzalez; Rudy Dominguez; Marcelo Bernardo

Storyline: Mad scientist Doctor Zorba is at his wit’s end because of the interference of Batman in his smuggling attempts. Together with his mad fanatic follower Turko, they hatch a plan to bring Dracula back to life by electronic means which make him different in that he can be controlled and is not afraid of the Cross. In a hidden laboratory in a cemetery mausoleum, they perpetuate their evil deed by getting fresh blood from their victims. Dracula comes to life. Marita Banzon, the daughter of another scientist, helps Batman solve the mystery of his powerful foe Dracula, by whom she is held captive. Learning the secret of the ultra-ray sunglasses worn by Dr. Zorba and his men, Batman raids their secret hideout and saves the lady. Also, he turns Dracula to kill the very men who created him.

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