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Beerfest 2006


Year: 2006

Directors: Jay Chandrasekhar

Genres: Comedy

Countries: USA

Votes: 8055

Rating: 6.20

Cast: Todd Wolfhouse/Young Baron Ludwig: Erik Stolhanske; Steve ‘Fink’ Finklestein/Emcee: Steve Lemme; Baron Wolfgang von Wolfhaus: Jьrgen Prochnow; Landfill/Gil/Sausage Lady: Kevin Heffernan; Great Gam Gam: Cloris Leachman; Priest: M.C. Gainey; Soup Waiter: Allan Graf; Jan Wolfhouse: Paul Soter; Helmut: Cameron Scher; Aussie Sailor #1: Owain Yeoman; Aussie Sailor #2: Tom Tate; German Producer: Chris Moss; Mr. Schniedelwichsen: Bjorn Johnson; Little Boy: Collin Thornton

Taglines: Prepare for the ultimate chug of war.
Brewed in 2006
Comedy on tap
From the comic geniuses who brought you the phenomenon “Super Troopers”.
Bring on the beer. They’ve got the nuts.

Storyline: Two brothers travel to Germany for Oktoberfest, only to stumble upon secret, centuries-old competition described as a “Fight Club” with beer games.

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