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Blind Faith

Blind Faith

Year: 1998

Genres: Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 286

Rating: 6.8

Cast: Anderson Leif; Bennett Zachary; Bergschneider Conrad; Bryson Eric; Chovanec Tomas; Clarke Jeff; Di Bianco Louis; Duhaney Kevin; Dutton Charles S.; Ertmanis Victor; Gordon Joel; Hardison Kadeem; Healy John; Ironi Jeff; Jones Jeff; Jones Jim; Kahnert Ray; Karzis Alex; Lake Bill; Lawrence Shawn; Lett Dan; Longstaff Michael; MacKenzie Phillip; MacMenamin Tim; MacNeill Peter; McKeen Roger; Parrott Billy; Pasco Nicholas; Petronijevic Dan; Poole Aaron; Purcell James; Soul Bobby; Tager Aron; Tracz Jeremy; Vance Courtney B.; Vassell Jason; Vella Marlow; Whitt Garland; Williams Bazil; Yearwood Richard; Barnes-Hopkins Barbara; Booker Jessica; Caldwell Sandra; Carvell Marium; Duff Kerry; Glave Karen; Guadagni Nicky; Hale Birdie M.; Herard Nancy; McKee Lonette; O’Neill Isolde; Stahlbrand Sandi; Williams Tricia; Grillo Nick; Hewitt Steven; Lassally Romi; Leo Armand; Neufeld Mace; Rehme Robert; Military Frank; Charters Rodney; Carter Ron; Mann Martha; Dickerson Ernest R.; Lovejoy Stephen; Fowler Gina; Friedman Michael; Hordal A.J.; Paul Chandra-Li; Pesce Mike; Reelis Robin M.; Shamata Lisa; Strauss Warner; Williams Bosede; Wilmot Eardley; Ginn Jeff

Taglines: What would you be willing to sacrifice to keep your family secrets?
How can you defend someone who won’t defend himself?

Storyline: In 1957, black lawyer John Williams has to defend his nephew Charlie, who is accused of strangling a white boy to death. John doesn’t believe Charlie did it, and although Charlie confesses, John wants to find out the real truth.

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