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Bloodsport 1988


Year: 1988

Directors: Newt Arnold

Genres: Action,Sport

Countries: USA

Votes: 10843

Rating: 6.00

Cast: Rawlins: Forest Whitaker; Frank Dux: Jean-Claude Van Damme; Chong Li: Bolo Yeung; Tanaka: Roy Chiao; Helmer: Norman Burton; Ray Jackson: Donald Gibb; Janice Kent: Leah Ayres; Captain Chen: Philip Chan; Young Frank: Pierre Rafini; Victor: Ken Siu; Hiro: Kimo Lai Kwok Ki; Hossein: Bernard Mariano; Oshima: Bill Yuen Ping Kuen; Mrs. Tanaka: Lily Leung; Chuck/Older Boy: Joshua Schroder

Taglines: The secret contest where the world’s greatest warriors fight in a battle to the death.
The true story of an American ninja.
Based on the real story of the Great White Dragon

Storyline: As a child, a miscreant Frank Dux was taken in and trained by a champion martial artist, who went so far as to adopt Frank into his family after the premature death of his own son. Now, decades later, Frank is a skilled martial artist himself and a solider in the U.S. Military. Upon the death of his surrogate father and sensai, Frank is informed of a mysterious, no-holds barred, highly illegal martial arts tournament in Hong Kong known only as the “kumeti.” At the bidding of his sensai and against direct orders from his military superiors Frank travels to Hong Kong to participate and uphold his master’s honor. In order to succeed not only will he have to win the tournament; he must also evade capture by two military police sent to arrest him and the prying questions of a nosy reporter eager for a story.

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