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Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii

Year: 1961

Genres: Comedy,Musical

Countries: USA

Votes: 1948

Rating: 5.7

Cast: Archer John; Atienza Frank; Barber Bobby; Brodie Steve; Carroll Tom; Clark Roger; De Vega Jose; DeNormand George; Fackenthall Pat; Gaye Gregory; Glynn Thomas; Halas George; Hanalei Tiki; Kai Lani; LeBell Gene; Luck Robert M.; Lung Clarence; McNear Howard; Miller Harold; Polt Rudi; Pope Robert Kenui; Presley Elvis; Reeves Richard; Ross Michael; Wallis Hal B.; West Red; Winters Roland; Adrian Iris; Akert Pamela; Austin Pamela; Blackman Joan; Connors Sharon Lee; Culver Lillian; Ericson Veronica; Flowers Bess; Hattie Hilo; Hayes Flora; Hughes Yolanda; Juhl Donna; Kawamura Debra M.; Kay Christian; Lansbury Angela; Marsh Tani; Maxwell Jenny; Mizushima Irene; Murtagh Kate; Ngarua; Richards Bella; Russell Elsie; Tompkins Darlene; Walters Nancy; Nathan Paul; Kanter Hal; Weiss Allan; Lang Charles; Lilley Joseph J.; Head Edith; Taurog Norman; Morse Terry O.; Mintz Jack; Mueller Richard; Parker Tom

Taglines: Ecstatic romance…exotic dances…exciting music in the world’s lushest paradise of song!
Elvis Presley rides the crest of the wave in…

Storyline: Chad Gates has just gotten out of the Army, and is happy to be back in Hawaii with his surf-board, his beach buddies, and his girlfriend. His father wants him to go to work at the Great Southern Hawaiian Fruit Company, but Chad is reluctant. So Chad goes to work as a tour guide at his girlfriend’s agency.

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