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Body Chemistry

Body Chemistry

Year: 1990

Genres: Drama,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 177

Rating: 4.4

Cast: Babbes Thom; Barneson H. Bradley; Campanella Joseph; Cohen Matthew Ray; Conti John David; Daniels Gray; Guri Steve; Kagen David; Leeper Ray; Reidy Kevin; Rogers David S.; Singer Marc; Alderman Doreen; Aldrich Rhonda; Brynton Mercedes; Crosby Mary; Harnett Elizabeth; Pescia Lisa; Tuerk Lauren; Warner Stephanie; Camp Alida; Flender Rodman; Barr Jackson; Papamichael Phedon; Plumeri Terry; Araya Jensen Sandra; Peterson Kristine; Gilberti Nina; Lin Ted; Modabber Jill Osmon; Ronten Tricia; Walker Linda; Weisler Michele; Randall Gary

Taglines: The chemistry may be right. . . but the consequences can be murder.

Storyline: A scientist gets involved with an obsessive female colleague and has to try to resolve the affair without destroying his marriage.

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