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Boiler Room 2000

Boiler Room

Year: 2000


Genres: Crime,Drama,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 16301

Rating: 6.80

Cast: Richie O’Flaherty: Scott Caan; Chris Varick: Vin Diesel; Jim Young: Ben Affleck; Adam: Jamie Kennedy; Seth Davis: Giovanni Ribisi; Judge Marty Davis: Ron Rifkin; Marc: David Younger; Greg Weinstein: Nicky Katt; FBI Agent David Drew: Bill Sage; Kid: Mark Webber; Michael Brantley: Tom Everett Scott; Harry Reynard: Taylor Nichols; Concierge: John Griesemer; Kid: Russel Harper; Kid: Christopher Fitzgerald

Taglines: Where would you turn? How far would you go? How hard will you fall?
There’s no such thing as making too much money or taking too many risks
Welcome to the New American Dream.
Anyone who says that money is the root to all evil, doesn’t have it.

Storyline: A young man has dropped out of Queens College but desperately wants to please his father, a federal judge who’s harsh with his son. At his father’s insistence, Seth Davis closes a casino he operates in his own house, mostly for college students. Thinking he’ll please dad, he takes a job in a small brokerage house, an hour from Manhattan, where trainees make cold calls to lists of well-paid men, and then apply high-pressure tactics to sell initial public offerings exclusive to the firm. He’s terrific at sales. Once training is over, the pay is phenomenal, and Seth wonders why. Curiosity leads him to ethical dilemmas, encounters with the Feds, and new territory with his father.

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