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Braindead aka Dead-Alive 1992

Braindead aka Dead-Alive

Year: 1992

Directors: Peter Jackson

Genres: Fantasy,Comedy,Horror,Thriller

Countries: New Zealand

Votes: 31221

Rating: 7.60

Cast: Roger: Harry Sinclair; Lionel Cosgrove: Timothy Balme; Father McGruder: Stuart Devenie; Nora Matheson: Glenis Levestam; Paquita Maria Sanchez: Diana Peсalver; Mum: Elizabeth Moody; Void: Jed Brophy; Zombie McGruder: Stephen Papps; Rita: Elizabeth Mulfaxe; Paquita’s Grandmother: Davina Whitehouse; Nurse McTavish: Brenda Kendall; Uncle Les: Ian Watkin; Mr. Matheson: Lewis Rowe; Scroat: Murray Keane; Paquita’s Father: Silvio Famularo

Taglines: Some things won’t stay down… even after they die.
There’s something nasty in Lionel’s cellar – His family!
You’ll laugh yourself sick!
Prepare for complete mental shutdown…
The rot has set in….

Storyline: Aeryn has been captured by the Scarrans. The Scarrans realize they no longer need Crichton for wormhole technology. They can gain the knowledge from Aeryn’s child. If the child is really Crichton’s. More of the former peacekeeper’s past is revealed as they probe her, and her grip on reality starts to waiver.

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