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Brigham Young

Brigham Young

Year: 1940

Genres: Biography,History,Romance,Western

Countries: USA

Votes: 357

Rating: 6.4

Cast: Andrews Stanley; Aylesworth Arthur; Big Tree Chief John; Burns Paul E.; Burton Frederick; Carradine John; Clark Davison; Donlevy Brian; Dunn Ralph; Elton Edmund; Haade William; Heywood Herbert; Jackson Selmer; Jagger Dean; Johnson Cullen; Johnson Payne B.; Jones Dickie; Kirkland David; Knight Fuzzy; LaRue Frank; Lawrence Marc; Lindsley Charles Frederick; MacDonald Edmund; MacQuarrie Murdock; Marshall Tully; Mason Louis; Maxwell Edwin; Melford George; Middleton Charles; Morris Philip; Olsen Moroni; Parrish Imboden; Power Tyrone; Price Vincent; Rich Dick; Robertson Willard; Roy John; Shannon Frank; Shumway Lee; Simpson Russell; Thomas Frank M.; Tyler Harry; Waller Eddy; Whiteford Blackie; Worden Hank; Astor Mary; Darnell Linda; Darwell Jane; Du Brey Claire; Gilbert Jody; Johnson Cammilla; Robinson Ruth; Rogers Jean; Todd Ann E.; Weston Cecil; Macgowan Kenneth; Zanuck Darryl F.; Bromfield Louis; Trotti Lamar; Miller Arthur C.; Bennett Robert Russell; Buttolph David; Mockridge Cyril J.; Newman Alfred; Wakeling Gwen; Hathaway Henry; Bischoff Robert; Harris Eleanor; Pyper George D.


Storyline: The true story of the famous Mormon leader, Brigham Young and his battle to transport his people across the Rocky mountains to settle in Salt Lake City. The plot focuses on two of his people, Jonathan Kent and Zina Webb and the hardships they have to face along the way.

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