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Bullitt 1968


Year: 1968

Directors: Peter Yates

Genres: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 15272

Rating: 7.50

Cast: Weissberg: Robert Duvall; Bullitt: Steve McQueen; Cathy: Jacqueline Bisset; Captain Bennet: Simon Oakland; Baker: Norman Fell; Dr. Willard: Georg Stanford Brown; Eddy: Justin Tarr; Stanton: Carl Reindel; Renick: Felice Orlandi; Pete Ross: Vic Tayback; 1st Aide: Robert Lipton; Westcott: Ed Peck; John Ross: Pat Renella; Delgetti: Don Gordon; Chalmers: Robert Vaughn

Taglines: Steve McQueen As ‘Bullitt’
The word ‘cop’ isn’t written all over him – something more puzzling is.
There are bad cops and there are good cops – and then there’s Bullitt.
“BULLITT comes to this theatre soon. That ought to shake up the place pretty good. Not many freaky cops like BULLITT around. You look at the Italian shoes and the turtleneck and you have to wonder. You listen to the official beefs about ‘personal misconduct’, ‘disruptive influence’, you figure he’s got to be up for trade. But when some rare Chicago blood starts spilling in San Francisco, they give BULLITT the mop. They weren’t exactly doing him a favour. But they’ve done a great big one for you”
Detective Lt. Frank Bullitt – some other kind of cop. Pity the guy he works for.

Storyline: Johnny Ross works for Chicago mobster Peter Ross, his brother. In April 1968 Johnny Ross escapes two attempts on his life and flees to San Francisco, where he is placed in protective custody by politician Walter Chalmers, who hopes to use Ross to further his own national aspirations. To protect Ross, Chalmers asks the SFPD to assign Detective Lieutenant Frank Bullitt and his partners, Sergeants Don Delgetti and Carl Stanton, to guard him at a flophouse near an overhead freeway. It looks like a simple assignment, but at 1 AM the next day it all goes awry in a blast of a shotgun, leaving Stanton and Ross fighting for life at San Francisco General. Bullitt gets what information he can, but breathing down his neck is the angered Chalmers who vows to ruin Bullitt’s career should Ross die. Bullitt gets a break when the gunman appears at the hospital to finish off Ross, and Bullitt gets a good look at him; now Bullitt must smoke out the gunman and his backup man before Chalmers carries out his threat, leading to a high-speed pursuit, a fiery crash at a gas station, and a fingerprint check that leads to a stunning discovery about Ross, and about a couple staying at a swanky hotel in San Mateo.

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