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Year: 1995

Genres: Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Family,Mystery

Countries: USA

Votes: 2222

Rating: 4.9

Cast: Bashoff Blake; Ben-Victor Paul; Buck Cory; Byrne Michael P.; Carrier Corey; Curry Christopher; Donley Robert; Evans Art; Galeota Michael; Goldblatt Max; Greenberg Ari; Heald Anthony; Johnson Kenny; Kelsey Harley; Means Reed Clark; O’Neill Michael; Owens Theodor Scott; Polito Jon; Stern Daniel; Sullivan Brad; Wood Tom; Dowd Ann; Kwon Sue; Michaels Janna; Morris Jane; Smith Carolyn Renee; Vaughn Cesarina; West Natalie; Schiff Paul; Wessler Charles B.; Wisnievitz David; Byers Danny; Goldberg Michael; Jordan John; Swerdlow Tommy; Sande Theo van de; Conti Bill; Zophres Mary; Beeman Greg; Albert Ross; Ampah Kokayi; Beckham Perry; Caldwell Helen; Christman Ann; Cosgrave Scott; Crowley John P.; DaSilva Linda; Dawson Robert; Dumouchel Ellen; East Sandy; Evans Sharon; Fulton Dave; Golas Henry J.; Goulet Derrick; Haro Michael; Hodges Edward; Johnson Larry K.; Kautz Shawn; Leabeater Jim; Leonard Ted; Lippman Stuart; Martin Steve; Mayer Jon; McFadden Karen L.; Rangel Nate; Roberts Jay; Sarviss John D.; Shimer Dan; Smith Drew; Stein Johanna; Stern Nicolas; Vise Sharon; Weis Michael; Mansbridge Mark W.; Veneziano Sandy

Taglines: Wenn er auftaucht, steht die Wildnis Kopf. (If he appears, the wildness stands head.)
Sie suchten das groЯe Abenteuer. Und trafen auf “Mad Max” Grabelski. (They searched the great adventure. And met to “Mad Max” Grabelski.)
Max Grabelski is taking six ranger scouts to a place he’s never been before…outdoors.
They wanted a great adventure. What they got was “Mad Max” Grabelski.

Storyline: Max is a delivery guy. As he makes a delivery, he finds out that guy who hired him was using him to move around money and that he is dead. He is afraid the police will think he is the killer and runs for his life. He his forced to pose as a scout leader for a bunch of kids hiking through the mountains as he is chased by the police.

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