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Camping sauvage

Camping sauvage

Year: 2005

Genres: Drama

Countries: France

Votes: 107

Rating: 5.2

Cast: Bongard Pascal; Fix Marcel; Guerin Jean-Michel; Lavant Denis; Trйgouлt Yann; Bercot Emmanuelle; Demaret Martine; Le Besco Isild; Misrahi Raphaлlle; Dercourt Tom; Ali Christophe; Bonilauri Nicolas; Peyrebrune Jйrфme; Baby Nicolas; Bouyssou Olivia; Levy Dan; Neil Philippe; Wetzel Nina; Roьan Laurent; Chinal Muriel


Storyline: Camille, 17, is caravan camping with her family at a lake in Gironde, where she’s bored, pouty, and, toward her parents, foul-mouthed and rebellious. Her summer boyfriend, Fred, seems too young for her, so she starts hanging around Blaise, the camp’s new sailing instructor, in part to make Fred jealous. Blaise is twice as old as Camille, is married to the camp manager’s sister, and has a child. He’s also homely and down and out. Blaise and Camille both seem to have a point to prove, but where can this flirtation go?

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