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Cherry Falls 2000

Cherry Falls

Year: 2000

Directors: Geoffrey Wright

Genres: Mystery,Horror,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 4544

Rating: 4.70

Cast: Jody Marken: Brittany Murphy; Rod Harper: Jesse Bradford; Sherrif Brent Marken: Michael Biehn; Leonard Marliston: Jay Mohr; Kenny Ascott: Gabriel Mann; Ben: Michael Weston; Marge Marken: Candy Clark; Sharon: Joannah Portman; Tom Sisler, Principal: Joe Inscoe; Timmy: Keram Malicki-Sбnchez; Cindy: Kristen Miller; Deputy Mina: Amanda Anka; Sandy: Natalie Ramsey; Mark: Douglas Spain; Stacy Twelfmann: Bre Blair

Taglines: lose your innocence – or lose your life
Innocence has never been deadlier.
At Virgin High… it’s put out or die.
If you haven’t had it… you’ve had it.
What would you give to live?
Get Laid… Or Die!

Storyline: In the small town of Cherry Falls, Virginia, a black-clad, long-haired killer is offing various high school teenage virgins in various gory ways. Jody Markam, the virginal teenage daughter of the town’s sheriff in charge of the investigation, launches her own investigation to figure out the killer’s identity and stumbles into a web of long hidden dark secrets spun around the killings involving people of the town she always thought she trusted which makes her one of the killer’s primary targets.

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