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Clair de femme

Clair de femme

Year: 1979

Genres: Drama

Countries: France,Italy,West Germany

Votes: 269

Rating: 6.5

Cast: Benigni Roberto; Bennent Heinz; Bouillaud Jean-Claude; Castella Bob; Dumas Andrй; Dussurget Gabriel; Dynam Jacques; Gobbi Jean-Franзois; Jabbour Gabriel; Manesse Philippe; Mesguich Daniel; Montand Yves; Perrot Franзois; Rambal Jean-Pierre; Reno Jean; Robin Michel; Schidor Dieter; Seck Ibrahim; Sempey Jacques; Valli Romolo; Verner Hans; Allйgret Catherine; Borras Eliane; Bucaille Isabelle; Calandra Giuliana; Campa Miranda; Ciboldi Margherita; Costantini Bйatrice; Delbrice Fanny; Kedrova Lila; Lituac Michиle; Pame Mireille; Romanoff Katia; Schneider Romy; Rossellini Renzo; Vuille Georges-Alain; Costa-Gavras; Frank Christopher; Gary Romain; Kundera Milan; Aronovich Ricardo; Musy Jean; Bonnot Franзoise; Chiari Mario; Simon Eric


Storyline: Reciprocal consolation. The background of two middle-aged people (Michel and Lydia) is gradually unfolded. Michel’s wife is incurably ill. They had agreed that she would take her life on this day. All telephone cables were cut and Michel should leave France for months. But he goes forth and back between the airport and his home street. Once when opening the door of a taxi he destroys Lydia’s shopping carrier. They sit down in a cafй while he writes her a check. During this night they will part and meet again several times. Half a year ago Lydia’s husband had a car accident. Their daughter died and the husband got brain injury. His talk is incomprehensible. Tonight is his birthday. Lydia eventually takes Michel to the great feast that is almost over. In the morning they go to Michel’s apartment, where police and relatives are already present. Michel and Lydia had agreed to meet at Lydia’s apartment on the next morning. When he comes there, a foreign woman invites him in. Lydia soon calls on telephone. Lydia cannot put up with him in his present state. During the entire night she saw him sitting and praying at his wife’s bed. But she offers him to live in her apartment for a month, and she will go away. When she returns they may see what will happen.

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