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Compulsion 2008


Year: 2008

Directors: Sarah Harding

Genres: Drama

Countries: UK

Votes: 116

Rating: 6.00

Cast: Shriya: Veena Sood; Ambulance Paramedic: Chris Wilson; Anjika Indrani: Parminder Nagra; Ranjit Sharma: Bhasker Patel; Don Flowers: Ray Winstone; Jaiman: James Floyd; Alex: Ben Aldridge; Hardik: Sargon Yelda; Claire: Emily Wachter; Nell: Emma Campbell-Webster


Storyline: Chloe starts seeing a dead girl’s ghost. Of course nobody believes her, not even Clark. When Chloe finds the body hidden in the Talon’s wall, she is possessed by the girl’s spirit and goes searching for the killer. In the end, Clark surprisingly doesn’t save the day, Chloe (possessed by Gretchen) does. But Clark only manages to push Lana a bit further from him. Meanwhile, Lionel encourages Martha to take the late Jonathan’s place as senator.

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