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Year: 2005

Genres: Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 400

Rating: 2.2

Cast: Beier David; Bess Daniel; Burgess Omar; Clennon David; Cook Joe; Dean Michael; Dickerson Stefan; Dorough Howie; Gipson Ralph; Harper Hill; Herron II Vernon W.; Horkman Chandler; James Eric; Koyamada Shin; Nelson Adam; Newman Alec; Nieto Gabe; Omari Morocco; Piser Jim; Plummer Glenn; Rogers Tre; Smith Teague; Williams III Clarence; Williams Billy Dee; Andersen Jolene; Arthur Kathleen; Beucher Molly; Carradine Ever; Carson Dakota; Chong Rae Dawn; Coleman Erica Monique; Collier December; D’Amour Lena; De Sousa Melissa; Jeffers Juliette; Rosenbaum Anna; Saldana Zoe; Stewart Tonea; Union Gabrielle; Warren Lesley Ann; White Hannah; Archuleta Nancy; Balch Anthony; Driver Charla; Gamble Kristi N.; Kleidman Peter; Murphy Shannon C.; Ruskin Morris; Walker-Pearlman Jordan; Demps Jr. John L.; Bearden Michael; Smith Stanley A.; Guillermo Jeannette; Learned Wolf Alison; Areffi Andrew J.; Bradley Arnecia; Bramhall Dale; Brandon Reagan; DuVernay Ava; Ellis Derry; Gordon Courtney; Goshey Fredrick; Guess Madison; Haas William Brett; Hagerty Gerald B.; Hardin Peter; Hayes William; Hazelrig Darrell C.; Hill Roland; Holmes Emmie; Hoover Laurie A.; Ingle Stephen; Jordan Ralph; Kuhn Patricia; Kukhtareva Anastasiya; Lawson Sims; Lewis IV Jesse; Lewis Jameel; Malone Chris; Manrique Carolina; McKiney Theadore; Meyer Jr. Ray; Miles Ellene; Mitchell Paul; Murphy T.M.; Posey Doris; Richards Bill; Richardson Meekel; Sampson Krystle; Sergeant Ray; Shephard Alan; Sims Michael; Stewart Tanya; Stuart Nan T.; Warren Leonard; Willie Terry; Daniels Liba

Taglines: Reach for love and you will find yourself among the stars

Storyline: Constellation chronicles the lives and loves of an African-American family in the deep South as they are forced to come to terms with a tumultuous past marked by an unrequited interacial affair. The film explores the way in which the family patriarch must confront his demons amidst the changing racial fabric of society and his own family.

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