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Couples Retreat 2009

Couples Retreat

Year: 2009

Directors: Peter Billingsley

Genres: Comedy


Votes: 14852

Rating: 5.50

Cast: White Swallow: James Ferris; White Swallow Bartender: John Bailey; Sports Bar Patron: Michael Patrick Breen; Trainer: Scott Burn; Pool Table Boy: Ama’ri; Airport Boyfriend: Nelson Carvajal; Couple at Airport: Joe DeVito; Airport passenger: Darren Elliot Fulsher; Traveler: Nick Ferrin; DJ: Jon Fleming; Young Guy: Nick Grosvenor


Storyline: After a drinking binge competition with students at Metropolis University, the winner Lois Lane hits a drunken abusive player of the Bulldog football team and later, the guy is found paralyzed and Lois (with hangover) is arrested for assault and battery. The Metropolis University offers a scholarship to Clark to play football, and he is welcomed by the idol Geoff Johns (Chris Carmack). Seduced by the sorority girls and the reception of the other players, Clark takes a tough decision. Clark investigates with Chloe and they think that Geoff has meteor-rock powers enabling him to physically paralyze people. Elsewhere, Lex Luthor advises Lana Lang about the secrets of Jason Teague, including his encounter with her in Paris.

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