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Crash 2004


Year: 2004

Directors: Paul Haggis

Genres: Crime,Drama

Countries: Germany,USA

Votes: 170

Rating: 8.00

Cast: Elizabeth: Karina Arroyave; Lucien: Dato Bakhtadze; Jean Cabot: Sandra Bullock; Det. Graham Waters: Don Cheadle; Ken Ho: Art Chudabala; Motorcycle Cop: Sean Cory; Fred: Tony Danza; Lt. Dixon: Keith David; Shaniqua Johnson: Loretta Devine; Officer John Ryan: Matt Dillon; Ria: Jennifer Esposito; Georgie (as Ime N. Etuk): Ime Etuk; Officer Gomez (as Eddie Fernandez): Eddie J. Fernandez; Flanagan: William Fichtner; Store Owner: Howard Fong; Rick Cabot: Brendan Fraser; Officer Hill: Billy Gallo; Bruce: Ken Garito; Karen: Nona Gaye; Hispanic Passenger (as Octavio Gуmez): Octavio Gуmez Berrнos

Taglines: You think you know who you are. You have no idea.
Live your life at the point of impact
Moving at the speed of life, we are bound to collide with each other.

Storyline: Several stories interweave during two days in Los Angeles involving a collection of inter-related characters, a police detective with a drugged out mother and a thieving younger brother, two car thieves who are constantly theorizing on society and race, the white district attorney and his irritated and pampered wife, a racist white veteran cop (caring for a sick father at home) who disgusts his more idealistic younger partner, a successful Hollywood director and his wife who must deal with the racist cop, a Persian-immigrant father who buys a gun to protect his shop, a Hispanic locksmith and his young daughter who is afraid of bullets, and more. Written by Martin Lewison <[email protected]>

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