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Crime of Passion

Crime of Passion

Year: 1957

Genres: Crime,Film-Noir,Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 420

Rating: 6.5

Cast: Adler Jay; Atterbury Malcolm; Brooks Ralph; Burr Raymond; Carr Larry; Chefe Jack; Collier Richard; Conley Joe; Cross Dennis; Dano Royal; Granger Michael; Griffin Robert; Hayden Sterling; Kafafian Eddie; Kemp Kenner G.; Launer S. John; Mann Hank; McNally Edward; Ploski Joe; Quarry Robert; Reynolds Alan; Sardo Cosmo; Schiller Norbert; Stevens Bert; Taggart Hal; Tovey Arthur; Trumbull Brad; Whitman Stuart; Wilson Harry; Bonney Gail; Dolan Nan; Erin Madelon; Grey Virginia; Howell Jean; Jay Helen; La Centra Peg; Merlin Patricia; Owens Marjorie; Reynolds Nancy; Stanwyck Barbara; Wall Geraldine; Wray Fay; Yarnell Sally; Cohen Herman; Goldstein Robert; Eisinger Jo; LaShelle Joseph; Dunlap Paul; Oswald Gerd; Gibsone Mary; Houston Grace


Storyline: Kathy is a smart and tough 1950’s advice columnist at a San Francisco newspaper, with her name plastered on billboards all over the city. One day, Bill Doyle, a Los Angeles detective, walks into her office – it is instant attraction. After marrying Bill, Kathy gives up her career and becomes a homemaker. However, she is not your typical 1950’s homemaker. After hosting several cocktail parties in their San Fernando Valley home, she realizes that Bill is content with his position, and shows no ambition in furthering himself. Kathy will not sit idly by while everyone around her is “moving up in the world”. She personally takes upon herself the task of pushing Bill’s career along, even if it comes down to murder.
The successful columnist of The San Francisco Post Kathy Ferguson is an independent woman that has the intention of never getting married. However, when she meets the LAPD Detective Lt. Bill Doyle during the investigation of Dana Case that is resolved with her support, they immediately fall in love for each other and get married. Kathy quits her job and moves to Los Angeles to be a housewife. Bill is very close to his colleagues and their wives, and they have frequent dinner parties at his home, and the boredom of the conversation with other wives and the lack of ambition of Bill in the Police Department make Kathy to plot a scheme to push Bill’s career to a higher position. Kathy forces the encounter with his superior Police Inspector Anthony Pope and his wife Alice Pope and destroys the friendship of Bill with his immediate superior Police Capt. Charlie Alidos; then she has one night stand with Tony to get the promise that he will recommend Bill to his position since he is planning to retire. When Kathy realizes that Tony’s promise was just pillow talk, the ambitious woman takes a decision with no return.

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