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Criminal Passion

Criminal Passion

Year: 1994

Genres: Action,Drama,Mystery,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 156

Rating: 4.2

Cast: Bodison Wolfgang; Bradley Christopher; Bryant Kurt; Cohen Sam; Darrow Henry; Denison Anthony John; Felder Lou; Labiosa David; Nelson John Allen; Nibley Tom; Palomino Carlos; Perkins Jonathan R.; Saucier Jason; Shore Sammy; Trejo Danny; Allen Geraldine; Anders Luana; Johnson Sheila; MacLachlan Janet; Madison-Ciu Chelsea; McLeod Shannon; Merritt Lynda; Severance Joan; Slavin Millie; Stamm Barbara; Ticotin Rachel; Wilcox Shannon; Borchers Donald P.; Sancton Daryl; Strom Max; Tripet David; Forsyte Joey; Blackstone Wendy; Burke Kristin M.; Deitch Donna; Katz Robin; Alexander Alicia; Ascher David; Collins Michael; Cox Lowell Dean; Crabtree David; Duffy Maureen; Ehbrecht Will; England Kathy; Fierstein Eric; Frankenheimer Kristi; Glade Kristina; Grant John; Jones Trent; Jones Victoria; Lanier Lee; Lewis Larry T.; Lуpez Blanca; Malone Colin; Mani Krish; Mehlberg Doug; O’Neil Nicole G.; Ottosen Lisa R.; Pearce Joan; Percival Kim; Petric Jennifer; Rosenberg-Marvin Page; Sartin Greg; Schwartz Sutton Saltzman; Seven Derek; Spiegelman Marion; White Jim; Winthrop Dan; Austin Shay; Scarpulla Clare


Storyline: What does it take to trust? Melanie Hudson is an L.A. police officer, a loner on the trail of a serial killer who slits the throats of beautiful women just after they have made love. Mel is independent and curious; at night, she drives the streets. Her partner on the force is her ex-lover, Nathan, who still loves her. Their prime suspect is Connor Ashcroft, the playboy son of a powerful U.S. Senator. They investigate him; he’s unconcerned and comes on to Melanie. They also interview Connor’s former girlfriends and a family shrink. Evidence suggests he’s innocent, so Melanie takes Connor up on his invitation; Nathan is jealous and he’s worried. Whom should Melanie trust?

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