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Curse of the Undead

Curse of the Undead

Year: 1959

Genres: Horror,Western

Countries: USA

Votes: 183

Rating: 5.9

Cast: Adler Jay; Binns Edward; Colmans Edward; Delgado Henry; Fleming Eric; Gordon Bruce; Hoyt John; Keane Charles; Murphy Jimmy; Parker Eddie; Pate Michael; Reynolds Alan; Stanley Forrest; Sullivan Don; Truax John; Van Frankie; Williams Rush; Bert Margaret; Cross Jeanna; Crowley Kathleen; Kilgas Nancy; Kleeb Helen; Strickland Amzie; Gershenson Joseph; Dein Edward; Dein Mildred; Carter Ellis W.; Gertz Irving; Thomas Bill; Gittens George A.

Taglines: His body is an empty shell that hides a lustful fiend!
The countryside, terrorized! The young and beautiful, drained of life! Even the strongest man, destroyed by the unholy…

Storyline: B-grade western with a twist: mysterious gunslinger-for-hire Drake Robey is really a vampire, and it’s up to Preacher Dan to save the town and girlfriend Dolores Carter.
The cinema’s first vampire Western! Young women in a small Western town are dying one by one of an unknown malady involving massive blood loss. The Carter family’s ranch is being terrorized by ruthless land baron Buffer. And a mysterious black-clad gunfighter with an aversion to sunlight has just arrived in town.

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