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Days of Glory

Days of Glory

Year: 1944

Genres: Drama,Romance,War

Countries: USA

Votes: 345

Rating: 6.1

Cast: Challee William; Crosby Lou; Dolgoruki Igor; Durst Edward L.; Faber Charles H.; Gage Erford; Gilmore Lowell; Haas Hugo; Helmers Peter; Licho Adolf E.; Lindau Rolf; Peck Gregory; Reading Gene; Reed Alan; Seal Peter; Triesault Ivan; Vernon Glen; Vitale Joseph; Whiteford Blackie; Williams Sonny Boy; Bibikov Maria; Dupont Gretl; Palmer Maria; Penn Dena; Toumanova Tamara; Robinson Casey; Lengyel Melchior; Gaudio Tony; Amfitheatrof Daniele; ReniŠ¹; Tourneur Jacques; Noriega Joseph; Johansen George; Gorelik Mordecai


Storyline: In late 1941, with the Nazi invasion of Russia still advancing, the Red Army leaves bands of guerillas behind in the forests. One such band is joined by beautiful ballet dancer Nina; initially inept, a series of bitter lessons gradually make her a seasoned soldier. The group still form human attachments, despite the shadow of grim death that makes their greatest hope one of selling their lives dearly…

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