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Der freie Wille

Der freie Wille

Year: 2006

Genres: Crime,Drama

Countries: Germany

Votes: 1273

Rating: 7.6

Cast: Batangtaris Marcel; Hennicke Andrй; Maier Andreas Laurenz; Vogel Jьrgen; Wickermann Frank; Zapatka Manfred; Bothe Maya; Brass Anna; Bьllmann Bernadette; De Carlo Anna; Engel Judith; Golinsky Anne-Kathrin; Timoteo Sabine; Dцhmann Frank; Glasner Matthias; Granderath Christian; Hanke Andrea; Polednovб Markйta; Schreitmьller Andreas; Angerbauer Judith; Scheel Ingo; Keller Sabine; Brдuer Mona; Wiedwald Julia; Bach Vivian; Hьlsmann Kai; Lemke Lutz; Schoenfelder Carla; Tausch Nadja; Voss Geraldine; Hornig Tom; Kotte Conny


Storyline: After nine years in psychiatric detention Theo, who has brutally assaulted and raped three women, is released. Living in a supervised community, he connects well with his social worker Sascha, finds a job at a print shop and even a girlfriend, Nettie, his principal’s brittle and estranged daughter. But even though superficially everything seems to work out Theo’s seething rage remains ready to erupt.

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