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Doctor Faustus

Doctor Faustus

Year: 1967

Genres: Drama

Countries: UK

Votes: 321

Rating: 5.6

Cast: Barwise Patrick; Benjamin Adrian; Burton Richard; Carwardine Richard; Chandler Jeremy; Chopra Ram; Coghill Ambrose; Coghill Nevill; Durden Richard; Eccles Jeremy; Harrison Richard; Heffer Richard; Kaufman Anthony; Loukes Nicholas; Marter Ian; McIntosh Angus; McIntosh David; Menaugh Michael; Pevarello Renzo; Sandbach John; Teuber Andreas; Thomas Gwydion; Walker Sebastian; Wontner Julian; Aitken Maria; Bennitt Carolyn; Coghill Bridget; Dawson Sheila; Harvey Jacqueline; James Valerie; O’Donovan Elizabeth; Petronella; Taylor Elizabeth; Wilford Jane; McWhorter Richard; Marlowe Christopher; Pogбny Gбbor; Nascimbene Mario; Hall Peter J.; Shirley John; Schreyeck Elaine; DeCuir John

Taglines: The story of a scientist who sells his soul to the devil

Storyline: Faustus is a scholar at the University of Wittenberg when he earns his doctorate degree. His insatiable appetite for knowledge and power leads him to employ necromancy to conjure Mephistopheles out of hell. He bargains away his soul to Lucifer in exchange for living 24 years during which Mephistopheles will be his slave. Faustus signs the pact in his own blood and Mephistopheles reveals the works of the devil to Faustus.

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