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Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep

Year: 2002

Genres: Crime,Horror,Mystery,Thriller

Countries: UK

Votes: 1833

Rating: 6.2

Cast: Aulakh Shammi; Bell Madison Smartt; Bett John; Burn Tam Dean; Considine Paddy; Denham Tony; Farrell Colin; French Andrew; Lee Howard; Lepkowski Gerald; McCorkindale Don; McGowan Joshua; Nye Stevie; Redgrave Corin; Richards Josh; Rogan John; Visnjic Goran; Walton Jr. Patrick; Woodall Andrew; Wright Angus; Henderson Shirley; Otto Miranda; Rushbrook Claire; Shaw Fiona; Stuckey Sophie; Volpert Lauren Gabrielle; Woodward Sarah; Camarda Michele; Phillips Mike; Thompson David M.; Tuck Gary; Brookfield William; Willing Nick; Sova Peter; Boswell Simon; Pethig Hazel; Howie Niven; Alkin Luke; Auty Chris; Baines Julie; Barker Guy; Bassett Michael J.; Bays Mia; Berkery Barbara; Boardman David; Campbell Arthur; Curtis Matt; Davis Ben; Duggan Andrew; Farla Elton; Gamble Linda; Gerussi Sharon; Gianadda Mandy; Gill Juliette; Gormley Anne Marie; Heath-Harris Ruth; Henderson Natalie; Hill Andrew; Hunt Erol; Kearey Rebecca; Le Rasle Gabby; Mactaggart Ivan; Manderson Jo; Maw Tim; McCombe Amy; McManus-Fernandes Louise; Melton Paul; Misson Vicky; Parfitt Sarah; Payne Abigail; Perry Aline; Radwan Asha; Reynolds David; Somerville Christine; Steinmann Matt; Stott Nicole; Valentine Fran–∑oise; West Elizabeth; White Chris; Wittekind Jane; Wong Joy; Wood Michael; Taylor Don

Taglines: The deeper the sleep. The darker the fear.
You won’t snap out of it.

Storyline: While treating a policewoman for smoking, hypnotherapist Michael Strother has a telepathic vision of a young girl floating beneath the surface of a stream. The escaped victim of a ritualistic serial killer, the girl has become mute, and Michael is called upon by Scotland Yard to unlock the secrets she holds in order to catch a man who believes he has discovered the key to immortality.

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