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Doctor Zhivago

Doctor Zhivago

Year: 1965

Genres: Drama,Romance,War

Countries: USA,Italy

Votes: 27591

Rating: 8.0

Cast: Bahador Assad; Caffarel Josй Marнa; Carrer Emilio; Chitty Erik; Courtenay Tom; Eden Mark; Frees Wolf; Guinness Alec; Israel Vнctor; Jackson Inigo; Jersch Gerhard; Jolkkonen Jari; Kay Bernard; Keen Geoffrey; Kinski Klaus; Lдhteenmдki Leo; MacGowran Jack; Madden Peter; Maxwell Roger; Nieto Josй; Palacios Ricardo; Richardson Ralph; Rietty Robert; Rockland Jeffrey; Sambrell Aldo; Sharif Omar; Sharif Tarek; Steiger Rod; Teixeira Virgilio; Tichy Gйrard; Willman Noel; Alcaсiz Luana; Chaplin Geraldine; Christie Julie; Corri Adrienne; Ellison Catherine; Gуmez Ferrer Pilar; Martнn Marнa; McKenna Siobhan; Murбti Lili; Nelson Gwen; Pitt Ingrid; Ruiz Mercedes; Trace Brigitte; Tushingham Rita; Vico Marнa; Westmore Lucy; Griffen Arvid; Ponti Carlo; Bolt Robert; Pasternak Boris; Roeg Nicolas; Young Freddie; Jarre Maurice; Dalton Phyllis; Lean David; Savage Norman; Cole Barbara; Miller Hugh; Mollo Andrew; Turner Lee; Box John

Taglines: The entertainment event of the year!
A Love Caught in the Fire of Revolution
Turbulent were the times and fiery was the love story of Zhivago, his wife and the passionate, tender Lara.

Storyline: Lara inspires lechery in Komarovsky (her mother’s lover who is a master at surviving whoever runs Russia) and can’t compete with passion for the revolution of the man she marries, Pasha. Her true love is Zhivago who also loves his wife. Lara is the one who inspires poetry. The story is narrated by Zhivago’s half brother Yevgraf, who has made his career in the Soviet Army. At the beginning of the film he is about to meet a young woman he believes may be the long lost daughter of Lara and Zhivago.
Set just before and in the years following the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, the filme follows the life of Zhivago as he marries, raises a family, has his life totally disrupted by first World War One, and then by the Revolution. Shown against the Epic of a world turned on its head, his life and freedom are torn from him as the new society makes demands.
A Russian epic, the movie traces the life of surgeon-poet Yury Zhivago before and during the Russian Revolution. Married to an upper-class girl who is devoted to him, yet in love with an unfortunate woman who becomes his muse, Zhivago is torn between fidelity and passion. Sympathetic with the revolution but shaken by the wars and purges, he struggles to retain his individualism as a humanist amid the spirit of collectivism.

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