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Dog Soldiers 2002

Dog Soldiers

Year: 2002

Directors: Neil Marshall

Genres: Action,Horror

Countries: Luxembourg,UK

Votes: 16139

Rating: 6.80

Cast: Pvt. Cooper: Kevin McKidd; Sgt. Harry G. Wells: Sean Pertwee; Pvt. Terry Milburn: Leslie Simpson; Camper: Craig Conway; Werewolf: Ben Wright; Cpl. Bruce Campbell: Thomas Lockyer; Capt. Ryan: Liam Cunningham; Megan: Emma Cleasby; ‘Spoon’ Witherspoon: Darren Morfitt; Pvt. Joe Kirkley: Chris Robson; Camper: Tina Landini; Sam the Dog: Vilrikke’s Acer; Werewolf: Bryn Walters; Werewolf: Brian Claxton Payne

Taglines: Six soldiers. Full moon. No chance.

Storyline: Imagine you’re leading a six man squad on a routine army exercise. You’re behind enemy lines. Your radio doesn’t work. You’re cut off and on foot in a vast, hostile wilderness. You hear somthing howling in the distance. Something’s out there.. and it’s hungry. Very hungry. And hairy.. very hairy. The sun is going down. And there’s a full moon. You’re missing the most important football match of the decade. And there’s every chance that you’re about to be eaten alive by a pack of vicious, snarling, blood-lusting, seven-foot tall werewolves. What do you do?

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