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Dreamcatcher 2003


Year: 2003

Directors: Lawrence Kasdan

Genres: Fantasy,Drama,Horror,Thriller,Sci-Fi

Countries: Canada,USA

Votes: 17158

Rating: 5.20

Cast: Dr. Henry Devlin: Thomas Jane; Joe ‘Beaver’ Clarenden: Jason Lee; Lt. Owen Underhill: Tom Sizemore; Col. Abraham Curtis: Morgan Freeman; Gary ‘Jonesy’ Jones: Damian Lewis; Pete Moore: Timothy Olyphant; Young Beaver: Reece Thompson; Douglas ‘Duddits’ Cavell: Donnie Wahlberg; Young Henry: Mikey Holekamp; Young Jonesy: Giacomo Baessato; Young Pete: Joel Palmer; Young Duddits: Andrew Robb; Rick McCarthy: Eric Keenleyside; Roberta Cavell: Rosemary Dunsmore

Taglines: Four friends hung a dreamcatcher in their cabin. It’s about to catch something it cannot stop.
Evil Slips Through
A circle of friendship. A web of mystery. A pattern of fear.
Catch The Nightmare.
Das Bцse findet einen Weg (The evil finds a way)

Storyline: Four friends sruggling with life meet in the Maine woods for their annual hunting trip. When a stranger stumbles in to their camp disoriented mumbling things about lights in the sky the four friends put in a struggle with a psychotic army colonel and a being that has taken control of one of their minds.

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