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Eliana, Eliana

Eliana, Eliana

Year: 2002

Genres: Drama

Countries: Indonesia

Votes: 94

Rating: 6.4

Cast: Nasution Arswendi; Amru Henidar; Noer Jajang C.; Sayidina Rachel Maryam; Zalianty Marcella; Lesmana Mira; Prasetyanto B. Toto; Riza Riri; Rusdi Prima; Sugandi Yadi; Argeswara Thoersi; Sunu Sastha; Marahimin Amanda


Storyline: Mothers and daughters – and women trying to survive in the city. Eliana, a young woman from Sumatra who’s been in Jakarta for five years, goes on a night-long odyssey with her mother, Bunda, from whom she’s been estranged five years. It’s been a tough day for Eli: she’s fended off unwanted overtures from a man at work, the rent is due, and her housemate of three years, Heni, seems to have abandoned her. Heni is Eli’s anchor, like a sister, and her leaving plus her mother’s arrival has Eli in a state. Her mother in tow, they hire a cab and start the search for Heni. By daybreak, Eli will have some answers and, perhaps, new-found strength.

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