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Elvis Has Left the Building

Elvis Has Left the Building

Year: 2004

Genres: Comedy,Crime,Romance

Countries: USA

Votes: 1250

Rating: 5.2

Cast: Adamson Ryil; Anthony Joseph; Astin Sean; Barela Richard; Bates Jeff; Browder Vic; Brutsche Ivan; Chacey Robert; Comstock Peter; Conroy Michael E.; Corbett John; Costley Roy; Cravens Dan; Crum Kevin; Cyrus Billy Ray; Duran Dave; Eiland Stephen; Garfield J.D.; Hanks Tom; Haqqani Jamie; House David; Jameson Roger; Kennedy Michael W.; Kind Richard; Leisure David; Lewis Phill; MacKenzie Philip Charles; Maloney Gerard; Martin Geoffrey C.; McClarkin Richard; McKinney Gil; Meeks David; Morita Pat; Newton Wayne; Nichols Arty; Rodriguez Roland; Schaus Tom; Shiver Arron; Skousen Kevin; Spradlin Robert; Starr Mike; Sterchi William; Voiler Lou; Wickham Lewie; Wiggens Kevin; Zwick Joel; Basinger Kim; Beauvais Marya; Contrucci Hannah; DeLozier Patricia; Dickinson Angie; Endicott Marissa; Findley Joan; Gabrielle Jenny; Glance Shani; Haun Catherine; Hennig Roxanne V.; Holt Beran; Lloyd Jennifer; Loderus Carmen; McReynolds Madison; Morgan Marilyn; Morrigan Kerry; Nowlin Floree; Potts Annie; Reede Robyn; Richards Denise; Sauer Candye; Schwartz Tavia; Thompson Karen; Towne Jocelyn; Barclay Jane; Bohnet Susanne; Harel Sharon; Heid Manfred D.; Koechlin Gerd; Laiter Tova; Lautenschlager Josef; Leader Hannah; Levin Nava; Thiesmeyer Andreas; Ganem Mitchell; Garber Adam-Michael; Elliott Paul; Kitay David; Allan Nancy Mayer; Persons Heather; Acton Doug; Arsenault Jamie Lynn; Baker April; Bethel David; Brigham Stacia; Caggiano Geno; Camilleri Greg; Chaidez Everardo; De Bedoya Christian Diaz; Dola Karen; Dukatz Dusty; Duncan Paula Marie; Duval Michele; Gardner Sharon; Glover W. Pat; Gonzalez Adan; Goodwin Carl; Gugenheim D.J.; Harker Michael J.; Holyoke Mary; Jacobs Marc; James Jai; Jesuele Robert; Kennedy Joanna; King Lois; Landholt Julie; Lemon Sarah; Lovato-Moya LeAnn; Mallot Preston; Martinez Evan; McCutcheon Randy; McDonald Stephanie; Mojica Dan; Montoya Carlos A.; Mueller Robbie; O’Neil Josiah; Olson Aimie; Palencia Sonya; Romero Chance; Runkle Nicole; Sandoval Michael A.; Sandrin Claire; Shook Amy; Sipole Layne; Smith Vinny; Srigley Rachel; Standen Hunter; Stanland Rowan; Swain Alan; Tartarotti Nicoletta; Telo Lydia; Thomas Rosemary; Trujillo Jose G.; Vanallen Lisa; Vaughan Suzy; Weaver Lee; Weintraub Corey; Whelpley Susie; Woske Marcia; Barnes Guy


Storyline: Harmony, a cosmetic saleslady who was born at an Elvis concert, finds her life linked to the legend. One day while driving, she accidentally kills some Elvis impersonators and flees the scene. She goes on the run from the FBI and joins up with a depressed executive.
The successful Pink Lady cosmetics saleswoman Harmony Jones, who uses lipsticks of her competitor to protect her lips, is very connected to Elvis Presley since she was seven years old and met him. She presently wishes to have a boy-friend and raise a family of her own, being lucky in business and unlucky in love. While traveling nearby Las Vegas, she accidentally kills three Elvis Presley impersonators, and she believes the police is chasing her. Meanwhile, she also meets Miles Taylor, who works in an advertising agency in New York, and is traveling to Las Vegas to finalize his divorce process with his former wife, Belinda. She wants her Elvis Presley clothes back as the final condition to sign the divorce papers. Harmony sees the clothes in Miles’ hands and believing he is another Elvis impersonator, she avoids him, afraid of hurting him.

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