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Emmanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy

Emmanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy

Year: 1994

Genres: Comedy,Romance,Sci-Fi

Countries: USA

Votes: 245

Rating: 5.1

Cast: Beaumont Hu; Breck Jonathon; Chevalier Reginald; Delama Neil; Di Pri Timothy; Drake Robert; Ferro Carl; Gai Sun Yung; Huey John; James Kent; Klein Bill; Krueger Derek; Lawson Jack; Layne Derek; Lesow Kirt; Lim Andrew; Madell David; Mali Rick; Michaels Steve; Nassry Robert; Nebot Jesus; Nick’ell Brad; Nune M.; Robinson Paul Michael; Rojas Bill; Scavetta Mark; Sono P.S.; Wagner Brett; Wongstein John; Allen Krista; Beatty Debra K.; Chanda; Cornell Angela; Demian Tiendra; Rowe Kimberly; Siritzky Alain; Haney Daryl; Harrison Noel; Mor Tami; Ramon Rina; Spiro Lev L.


Storyline: In the series “Emmanuelle in Space”, Krista plays the lead role of Emmanuelle-an earth woman chosen by a group of space travelers to teach them about love, and human sexuality. Emmanuelle takes the aliens to such places as Las Vegas, Egypt, and Asia to teach them the wonders about sexuality. While doing this she forms a bond with the leader, Haffron, who falls in love with her.

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