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Essex Boys 2000

Essex Boys

Year: 2000

Directors: Terry Winsor

Genres: Crime,Thriller

Countries: UK

Votes: 714

Rating: 5.60

Cast: Henry Hobbs: Terence Rigby; Jason Locke: Sean Bean; John Dyke: Tom Wilkinson; Lisa Locke: Alex Kingston; Billy Reynolds: Charlie Creed-Miles; Peter Chase: Larry Lamb; Chippy: Gareth Milne; Nicole: Amelia Lowdell; Wayne Lovell: Michael McKell; Suzy Welch: Holly Davidson; Perry Elley: Billy Murray; Kiri Christos: George Jackos; Beverley: Sally Hurst; Jemma: Louise Landon; Detective: Gary Love

Taglines: Some lines should never be crossed.

Storyline: The movie tells an intriguing story about dark and dangerous streets of Essex, where drug, guns, and murder are quite natural for many people. Jason Locke (Sean Bean) is a crime boss who gets out of jail and comes back to Essex so as to regain his power over the town’s criminal underworld. Locke is a half-psychotic, hot-tempered man who can kill anybody in his way without a moment’s thought, and besides, he is so suspicious that doesn’t trust even his wife, Lisa (Alex Kingstone). However, to claw back his old influence is no easy matter as it seems to be…

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