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Evolution 2001


Year: 2001

Directors: Ivan Reitman

Genres: Comedy,Sci-Fi

Countries: USA

Votes: 21556

Rating: 5.70

Cast: Governor Lewis: Dan Aykroyd; Wayne Grey: Seann William Scott; Prof. Harry Phineas Block: Orlando Jones; Deke: Ethan Suplee; Dr. Ira Kane: David Duchovny; Nadine: Katharine Towne; General Russell Woodman: Ted Levine; Denise: Sarah Silverman; Dr. Allison Reed, CDC: Julianne Moore; Danny: Michael Bower; Officer Sam Johnson: Pat Kilbane; Colonel Flemming: Ty Burrell; Barry Cartwright: Gregory Itzin; Lieutenant Cryer: Ashley Clark; Carla: Michelle Wolff

Taglines: Have a nice end of the world.
Coming to wipe that silly smile off your planet.

Storyline: Glen Canyon, Arizona, the present day. Wayne, practising at night in the desert for his upcoming fireman’s exam, witnesses the impact of a meteorite. The next day, biology teacher Dr. Ira Kane and geology teacher Harry Block from Glen Canyon Community College manage to get to the meteorite, which is stuck in the ground at the bottom of a cave. By taking a sample, they discover a slimy blue fluid coming out of the meteorite. A little later, Ira Kane finds out that myriads of single-celled life-forms dwell in the fluid, evolve at an incredible rate, even while he’s watching. What first seems like a sure ticket to Sweden for the Nobel Prize soon develops into a nightmare: By evolving and adapting at that unbelievably fast rate, the Aliens start spreading out, and the Military comes in. Now it all comes down to what Darwin so rightfully stated: Survival of the fittest. And no good idea in sight…

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